Changing the default ViaWorks logo

25 Jul 2016

The search center is delivered with a set of logos that can be changed, here’s how it looks out of the box: Default logo

Prepare your logo files

Using your logo image file, create two files in your favourite image editor (for this example I’ve used GIMP, which is a powerful and free image editor that suits our needs well).

If there’s some whitespace in your logo, be sure to add an alpha channel to the image, then select and remove all the background color, then create two versions of the files in these two resolutions:

  1. height:32px, width:32px
  2. height: as you wish, width: 220x

Edit the logo files

Upload the files

Upload the image files you edited/scaled to the following location: E:\Program Files\VirtualWorks\ViaWorks\RestService\Resources\Icons\Templates (change E:\ to whatever installation directory you used when installing ViaWorks)

Upload the files

Change the standard.html template

There are a few lines that need to be changed in the following html file. I recommend just commenting out the default settings so you can easily revert the process. E:\Program Files\VirtualWorks\ViaWorks\RestService\Resources\Application\WebClient\Templates\Standard.html

Copy the line containing this node:

<img ng-src="resource/brand/image" height="32" width="32" />

and modify it like this:

<img ng-src="resource/template/icon/32x32_logo_filename.png" height="32" width="32" />

Copy the line containing this node:

<img ng-src="resource/brand/image/product"/>

and modify it like this:
<img ng-src="resource/template/icon/220x220_logo_filename.png"/>

Edit the template file

Click save to submit your changes (might fail if you are not running your editor as Administrator)

Verify that your changes are successfully deployed

Verify that your change is successful

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