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26 Jul 2016

This post details how to add a breadcrumb path in flat library views, which is often an issue especially in large libraries with a complicated folder structure.

SharePoint views by default will display folders in regular folder structure, like this:

Default view

There are times though, like e.g. when you wish to use the column sorting/filtering or grouping by columns where it is much better to ignore the folders. Fortunately, SharePoint has this functionality built in and the option can be set per view:

Edit view

The downside to this though, is that there really is not an easy way (short of inspecting the url of the file) to see where the file is located, and that is where using client side rendering comes in handy.

To do this, we will add a blank column to a flat view, then upload a JavaScript file to SharePoint and set the view to use this file to render the column with a nice little breadcrumb path that will tell the user in which folder the file is located.

Step 1

Create your view, be sure to set “Show all items without folders” and add a column to your library called simply “Folder” (this column should be added only to this view).

Step 2

Copy this code into a file and save it as “Parse_Folder.js” to a site assets library or similar (in this example I have uploaded it to the Site Assets library on the top level site in the site collection):

//Script to parse folder level into a placeholder column.
//Required: Column named "Folder"

(function () {
    var pathContext = {};
    pathContext.Templates = {};
    pathContext.Templates.Fields = {
        "Folder": { "View": getFolderPath }



function getFolderPath(ctx) {
    var folderPath = "";    
    var libraryPath = ctx.listUrlDir; //get the relative path of the library
    var itemPath = ctx.CurrentItem.FileRef; //get the item's relative path
    var folderArray = itemPath.split(libraryPath)[1].split("/"); //split item's path into array starting from root folder
    var folderArraySlice = folderArray.slice(0, folderArray.length-1); //slice array to only folders, ignore sites and filename
    var len = folderArraySlice.length;
    for (var i=0;i<folderArraySlice.length;i++)
            if (i == len-1) { //the last folder in the array
                folderPath += folderArraySlice[i];
        else {
            folderPath += folderArraySlice[i];
            folderPath += "/"; //add separator when there are more folders
    return folderPath

Step 3

Open your view, then select “Edit page” and select “Edit Web Part” in the web part’s context menu:

Web part context menu

Next, in the tool pane under “Miscellaneous”, paste the link to the JS file, which should start with a SharePoint variable ~sitecollection, like this:


Tool Pane configuration

Click OK and save/publish your page


You might need a refresh of the page, but it should now look pretty much like this:


I hope this is helpful to someone, and if you have any questions just leave me a comment below.

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